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Learn Spanish  

Classes include reading , writing and conversing in Spanish.

The Spanish class is taught by a native speaker covering conversation, grammar and pronunciation. The class also includes a section on how to handle different cultural situations.

Classes are private or semiprivate. 

Learn English as a Second Language! 

Learn grammar, writing, reading and American idioms!

The English as a Second Language class covers native speaking conversation, grammar, American slang and idioms. The class also includes a section on how to handle different cultural situations.

Classes are private or semiprivate.



Bilingual Child Spanish  Program 

This program has been designed for school age students.

The student will learn vocabulary, how to read in Spanish, converse, and writing. Some understanding of different cultural understandings will be added to give the class a more natural approach. 

 Classes are offered  after school. 

Ongoing programs  from September to June.

All classes are semiprivate/private.



Accent Reduction  

If you already know English but have a hard time being understood, this is the right program for you. 

Learn techniques to better pronounce English words, to understand American Slang/ idioms and  to reduce your native accent!

The Accent Reduction program is offered privately .



§ How to make a Great Presentation! 


 This is a one on one life coaching on improving how to present to bosses or co workers .

Call or e-mail us if interested in this program for information.


Spanish Tutoring

Get help with Spanish with our native speaking tutors. Assistance with Spanish with the use of your textbook for any type of Spanish Class (AP, CP or SAT Spanish.)

Classes are offered Mondays,and Tuesdays . Special classes can be arranged on Wednesday or Thursday.

Ongoing programs. Call center for schedule.




Speaking without words " The language of the body" 

Learn how body gesture are interpreted by others. Internationally gestures do not mean the same  all over the  world.

You can also buy our book "Speaking without words , The language of the body" by Maritza Nelson at or Barnes and

Learn how to interpret the subconscious language of the body . Learn about the unspoken language .

Join us to learn more about this fascinating language.


 Call for more information on dates and times this presentation is offered.


 Looking for a job, promotion or how to know when you made a sell!

Our Business Body Gesture workshop can help you understand the human gestures. What is the interviewer trying to tell you, are you going to get the job or the sale?

Call to set up your private or group workshop at our office or yours. 

Call us today to set up your workshop.











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